When the results of the 2013 Australian Senate election were announced many of us felt outraged, bemused or at very least, slightly confused by the result. I think that everyone would have felt that the system hadn’t worked well. But since then nothing has changed. The need for a constitutional challenge to section 211 of the Electoral Act remains.

I wrote a post about what we needed to do. Let me recap.

  • The Constitution says Senators are to be chosen directly by the people of each state.
  • Section 211 of the Electoral Act hands this choice over to political parties or groups who register a list or lists specifying where your preferences will be directed.

The difference is stark. Section 211 directly contradicts the Constitution and must be removed. We need a High Court challenge.

Yet the political parties won’t change the act because they see the possibility that one day the act will work in their favour.

Let’s all demand that our MPs and Senators change the law to remove this unconstitutional law.